Cute Valentine Art From The Heart!

By Savanna Kearney

Although Valentine’s Day is often celebrated as a time for romance between you and your significant other, kids can take part in the fun too! Here are a few examples of fun and easy Valentine’s Day cards you can make with your little ones.


Tic tac toe craft

Put a fun twist on traditional tic-tac-toe by using Tic-Tacs to play the game! Decorate a box of pink , red or white Tic-Tacs and attach them to the handmade game card.

Gummy Worms

Love bug craft

Heart-shaped candies and chocolates aren’t the only fun Valentine’s Day candy! Put a few gummy worms in a small plastic bag and staple a folded piece of paper over the opening.

Paper Airplane

Paper airplane craft

These paper airplanes will make your heart soar with fun messages written on them.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookie craft

Make your own sweet fortune cookies by writing a message on a thin strip of paper, then cut pieces of felt into circles and hot-glue them into the shapes of cookies with the sweet fortune inside.

Toy Car

Race car craft

Buy a pack of toy boxcars from your local dollar store for this fun craft. Punch two holes in a rectangular piece of paper and tie the car on with string, twine, etc.

Fun fact!

In ancient Rome, Emperor Claudius II believed that single men would make better warriors, so he banned all young men from marrying. The martyred St. Valentine is remembered for performing secret weddings for young couples in love.