Destination: Hotel Heaven!

By Giggle Magazine

By Carrie Groves

First off, I’d like to wish everybody out there a Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing day to yourself, or maybe even a whole weekend like I did! Earlier in the week I had a monumental meltdown, which whether you have one child or four, is bound to happen regularly. It has just been a bad few weeks lately. The toddlers have been extra whiny and just extra toddler-like. So, mama needed a break! I pretty much begged my husband to get coverage for his on-call for work over the weekend and told him I needed to get away for a few days. That was all I wanted for Mother’s Day. I got myself a hotel room and left early Saturday morning to go swim. Then I ate brunch, got a pedicure and hung out poolside all afternoon until I went to dinner. I then had an uninterrupted sleep, which was absolutely fabulous. I had the bed all to myself, with no snoring husband! And as much as I love him, for all of you who have snoring spouses, you know I was thrilled I didn’t have to listen to that all night. I got to lie by the pool some more in the morning and then went and had a few adult beverages in the afternoon. When I came home later that day for dinner I was so refreshed and relaxed. It was amazing! This is something that I highly, highly recommend for both moms and dads. Go once or twice a year, or whenever you have time. It’s a great anytime gift, because let’s face it, we need to have time to ourselves to recharge!

So, how do you recharge after a couple of stressful parenting weeks?

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