Make DIY Fake Snowballs to Toss Around at Home!

By Grace Downey
DIY Fake Snowballs

Here in Florida, we probably won’t be seeing any snow this year. So, why not bring the snow to you? Make these easy DIY Fake Snowballs to toss around with the kiddos at home!

DIY Fake Snowballs


  • Fluffy White Yarn
  • 7×5 in. Rectangle Strip of Cardboard
  • Optional: Sparkle Yarn for extra pop


  1. Prep your cardboard strip by cutting out a rectangle from the middle side of the strip to the middle of your board. You should end up with your board looking like a stretched out “U” on its side.
  2. Pinch the bottom of the “U” shaped cardboard with the two ends pointing horizontally. Wrap your yarn vertically over and around both strips of the “U” multiple times. The more you wrap, the more fluffy the snowball. To make it more fun, wrap a few rotations of a sparkle yarn or different color yarn into the mix.
  3. You should now have your sideways “U” shaped cardboard with the yarn wrapped thickly over and around both of the stems of cardboard. “U”. Cut the end.
  4. Cut a piece of yarn to tie the middle. Thread the yarn through the space between the bottom of the “U” shaped cardboard and the yarn, and tie all the yarn in the center tightly together.
  5. Cut the yarn along the top and bottom sides of the U to form the snowball. Trim as needed to form a perfect sphere.
  6. Have fun!


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