DIY Homework Caddy

By Giggle Magazine

Does your kiddo like to do homework on the go? Are they constantly moving from their room, to the kitchen and then on the floor? Do they have to squeeze in a bit of homework while in the car on the way to practice? If so, our DIY homework caddy is the perfect accessory to make this school year a success!


  • Wooden Caddy with Handles: Hobby Lobby, $15.99
  • Hanging tin cups: Hobby Lobby, $1.99 each
  • Any Fabric: about 12 x 16 inches of fabric (each side is roughly 12 x 8 inches before folding and gluing)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks

How to glue the fabric

1. Cut fabric down to a size that fits the side of your caddy with extra room on all sides to fold over.

2. Hot glue a long line down all the sides of the fabric and fold the edge over the glue to hide the cut line and any unevenness. Make sure the height of the now glued square is the height you want the pocket to be.

3. Hot glue the left side of the pocket down to the left side of the box.

4. Using one hand with your fingers squeezed together, place your hand to the right of the glued down side and drape fabric over top the hand. Then glue another line down the center of the box and push the fabric down (carefully because the glue is hot). Repeat one more time for the next pocket, making sure the last line of glue is all the way to the edge of the box, and be sure to curl the fabric under, so you do not see the edge of the fabric.

5. Glue a long line along the bottom of the box to seal off the bottom of the pockets.

Giggle Tips:

  • Look for a caddy big enough for your folders and homework papers to fit in.
  • Always supervise young children when using hot glue.
  • Handles on the caddy help for carrying from room to room for doing homework.
  • Personalize with different types of fabric.
  • Pockets and tin cups help to separate supplies and keep them tidy.