DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

By Giggle Magazine
Scuba Diver Halloween

Dress up your kiddo like an underwater explorer with this fun and simple DIY Scuba Diver Halloween costume! Look below for supplies and directions!

DIY Scuba Diver

  • solid black shirt and pants
  • black felt
  • empty 2-liter bottle
  • grey spray paint
  • tubing or rope
  • pacifier
  • goggles

Have your kiddo dress in all black. With black felt, cut out two “flipper shapes” out of the felt, and glue or velcro each filler on to your kiddo’s shoes.

Next, get your 2-liter bottle and spray paint it grey. Glue on a long piece of tubing or rope to the bottle. This will be the “breathing tube” for the oxygen tank. Hot glue the bottle to the back of the kiddo’s shirt.

Then, glue or tie the end of the tube or robe to a pacifier. This way, your kiddo will look like he or she is breathing the pacifier and tube that is connected to the “oxygen tank.” Finish off the look with a pair of goggles!


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