DIY Snail and Gnome Halloween Costume

By Kelly Goede
Snail and Gnome Halloween

Looked for some super easy costumes to make for you kiddos? How about a matching set? These matching Snail and Gnome Halloween costumes are so cute, and they can be made with things that you already have at home!

DIY Snail

  • White or cream-colored dress
  • Headband with paper bug antennas
  • Brown craft paper
  • Sandals or flats

On the headband, attaches two “antennas” that you can make out of brown craft paper. You can attach the paper to the headband using hot glue.

For the shell, gather up a large amount of craft paper, and roll it up into a large “cinnamon roll shape.” Once your shell is big enough, hot glue on two straps of ribbon so your little snail can wear their shell like a backpack. Complete the look with a light-colored dress and cute shoes.


DIY Gnome

  • Plaid shirt
  • jeans
  • rubber boots
  • felt (red and white)

For the gnome’s hat, out a large and tall triangle. Connect the two long sides of the triangle with hot glue to make a tall cone-shaped hat.

For the beard, cut out multiple layers of white felt in a beard shape, leaving a hole for the mouth. Once you have multiple layers, glue them on top of each other to make the beard look full. Attach straps to the bead that your little one can put behind their ears to keep the beard from falling down. Complete the look with a plaid shirt, jeans and rubber boots.


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