DIY Sweet Scarecrow Costume

By Giggle Magazine
Sweet Scarecrow Costume

This DIY Sweet Scarecrow costume is perfect for your little one who wants to scare – in a sweet way! You might even have all the supplies to make the costume at your house. Also, throw in a plaid or fall-colored face mask to make a COVID-19 cautious costume!

Sweet Scarecrow Costume

Materials Needed

  • Denim overalls
  • Plaid button-down shirt
  • Straw hat
  • Faux leaves
  • Straw or raffia
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plaid fabric
  • Boots
  • Orange costume makeup


Cut up your plaid fabric into several rectangles of varying sizes. Using the glue gun, attach the cut fabric to the overalls. Place them sporadically; do not be afraid to be creative! Tuck the faux leaves and straw into the overall pockets and secure them with the hot glue. Glue extra pieces of straw on the inside of the top of the overalls and the wrists of the button-down shirt so that they just peek out. This gives the illusion that your little one is made of straw, just like a real scarecrow!


Create a band for the straw hat by cutting a long strip from your remaining plaid fabric. Wrap the fabric around the base of the hat and secure with hot glue. Then glue on a few more faux leaves and some loose straw.


Use orange costume makeup to color the nose.


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