DIY Watermelon Doormat

By Renee Castro

What better way to welcome the warm sun with this fun, cute and easy diy watermelon doormat? Follow our how-to guide to bring a little color right onto your front porch!

Supplies for diy watermelon doormat:

1. All purpose sponge
2. Plain doormat (we bought ours for $9.99 at Target)
3. Green, black, pink acrylic paint 4. 3 paper plates
5. Paint brush
6. Scissors


  1. Use scissors to cut your sponge in a triangle with a rounded edge on the bottom and a “C” shape (one that matches the length of the rounded edge.)
  2. Separate three plates. On the first two plates, put green and black paint. Use the third plate to add the pink color.
  3. Using the triangle-shaped sponge, dip one side in the pink paint and place it on the doormat, pressing down firmly.
  4. Take the “C” shaped sponge and dip it in the green paint. Place it above the rounded side of the triangle to create a watermelon slice.
  5. Repeat until you have created your desired pattern. Let dry and apply a second coat of paint.
  6. Using a paintbrush and the black paint, paint black seeds on your watermelon slices!
  7. Let dry completely before placing your diy watermelon doormat on your porch!