DIY Werewolf and Vampire Halloween Costumes

By Giggle Magazine
Werewolf and Vampire Halloween Costume

We have two more not-so-scary Halloween costumes to try out this year! Check out these DIY Werewolf and Vampire Halloween costumes. These costumes are totally functional for your little Halloween lover, and feel free to throw in a matching face mask to make it a COVID-cautious costume!

DIY Werewolf Halloween Costume

Materials Needed

  • Plaid button-down shirt
  • Jeans
  • White T-shirt
  • Faux brown fur
  • Black cotton work gloves
  • Faux plastic nails
  • Black nail polish
  • Brown costume makeup
  • Hair gel
  • Costume teeth
  • Hot glue gun


Cut the faux fur into a variety of shapes, then glue it to the jeans and around the wrists of the shirt. Glue a large, v-shaped piece of fur to the front of the white T-shirt.


Use a hot glue gun to attach plastic nails to the fingers of the cotton work gloves. Once dry, paint the nails black. Cut out additional pieces of fur to glue to the backs of the gloves.


Use a sponge to apply sweeping strokes of the brown costume makeup on the forehead, chin and cheeks. Use a brown eyeliner to create thick eyebrows and to draw on the nose. Use a quarter-sized amount of hair gel to spike up the hair; it is OK to go a little crazy here! For the costume teeth, look for a pair that are made from flexible plastic that will not be uncomfortable.

DIY Vampire Halloween Costume

Materials Needed

  • Burgundy- or maroon-colored dress
  • Black leather jacket or black cardigan
  • Black tights
  • Black boots
  • Headband (we found this great bat one at H&M)
  • Victorian choker
  • Black netting
  • Small alligator hair clip
  • Bobby pins
  • Hot glue gun
  • Red lipstick
  • White eyeliner
  • White face powder


For a cooler night of trick-or-treating, a leather jacket and black leggings will help keep your child warm and stylish. In warmer weather, a light cardigan and thin tights are the way to go. Add a matching choker to complete the look; we found ours at Hot Topic.


Cut a 7-inch circle from the black netting. Pinch one side of the netting and glue to the hair clip. Clip the netting on the top of the head and then place the headband just in front it. The headband will hide the clip behind it and the remaining netting will stick out in the front. Use bobby pins to secure the remaining netting.


Use a white or pale face powder over the entire face and neck to give your child a vampire-like pallor. Dark lipstick and drawn on “fangs” finish the look. Use the white eyeliner to draw simple white triangles below the bottom lip, eliminating the need for those uncomfortable plastic teeth!

Photos by Sincerely Gone Photography


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