DIY Winter Decor From Old Sweaters!

By Grace Downey
DIY Winter Decor

Winter is almost here, and we all know what that means… sweater weather! As you pull out your winter clothes, you’ll find those sweaters with rips, pulls and stains you couldn’t bear to throw away last year. Don’t throw those away just yet! Repurpose them to make DIY winter decor from old sweaters! Don’t have any old ones? We took a trip to our local thrift store and bought 4 sweaters for less than $15. Wrapping your plain vases in sweaters takes your winter aesthetic from zero to a hundred in a hot second. Best yet, there is no sewing involved. Grab your scissors, hot glue gun and old sweaters, and get to work fun!


Glam up your vase by cutting up a sweater with a unique stitch on the hem. Cut the sweater to the height and circumference of your vase, and hot glue the two sides together. Finish the look by hot gluing some pearls on top.


Is your sweater too thin? Cut off a sleeve, pull it on inside-out over your vase and fold the top edge all the way down to the bottom of the vase to add thickness. Then cut three long stripes from the leftover fabric, braid them together and glue to the center of the vase.


The more texture, the better! Cut the bottom of a sweater to the size of your vase and use the bottom hem at the top of the vase, letting the fabric fall loosely around the opening.


Trickier than a straight vase, cut out a piece of fabric that will cover your vase, then working from top to bottom, glue the fabric together in small sections while pulling tight.


This sweater happened to have pearls sewn onto the sleeves, but you can complete this look by taking a plain white sleeve, stretching it over a vase and gluing pearls on top!


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