Easy Hair Styling Hacks For When You Don’t Have Time

By Grace Downey

Mornings are hard. You roll out of bed at 6:30 a.m. to wake up the kids, who don’t want to be woken up. You try to get the kids to not only eat something nutritious, but you are also challenged with getting them to brush their teeth after. At this point, the absolute last thing on your mind is your hair. We are here to help with these beyond simple hair styling hacks to keep your hair in place all day, and maybe even receive a compliment (yes a compliment) or two!


Great news moms! Clips and barrettes are trending once again. Grab all your clips from the ’90s and push your hair back into a half-up half-down look. To spice up the style, buy some snap clips with pearls on them or hot glue some pearls onto the clips you already have.


Everyone has heard of headbands, but are you using them to their full advantage? Headbands are an amazing way to hide your dirty roots and keep your hair out of your face while you’re on the go. Try out some of these cute ways to wear your headband:

Try your look with headband over hair, hair over headband, or headband/ bandana over top bun


Sweep your hair into a loose low ponytail, in line with the top of your ears. Twist your ponytail completely around the ponytail holder until you have a ballerina bun. Pop a few bobby pins around it until it is secure and pull lightly at some of the pieces to make it look “sloppier”.


We aren’t talking about those complicated fishtail or waterfall braids (though rock- on if you can do those yourself.) We are talking about the good old fashioned single or double braid. Take this classic look, pull lightly at some of the pieces to make it look “sloppier”, and slap a velvet bow on the end.

Calling all Moms on-the-go!

If you aren’t using dry shampoo, you’re missing out! Don’t be afraid to jump on the train and try out this time-saving product. Dry shampoo not only gives your greasy three- day-old hair a second wind, but it can also give your hair texture so your hairstyle will hold all day.


Spray dry shampoo liberally onto roots, then brush thoroughly (or use your fingers) to spread the powder through your hair until invisible. Reapply as needed and style your hair. Easy-peasy!


Bang for Your Buck:

Not Your Mother’s® Clean Freak® Dry Shampoo

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Plus Color:

Morroccanoil® Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones

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Adding Texture:

Verb® Sea Texture Spray

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Sensitive Scalps:

Klorane® Ultra-Gentle with Oat Milk Dry Shampoo

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