Easy nursery clutter fixes!

By Giggle Magazine

Home to hundreds of sleepless nights and even more dirty diapers, toys and laundry your nursery might feel like the most stressful part of your house. Don’t let a messy nursery get in the way of spending quality time with your baby.

By Rebecca Santana

Make the most out of your furniture

Your baby has a lot of stuff, and you might not know where to put it all. Storage space is absolutely essential but sometimes hard to find. So make the most out of your baby’s furniture. You want a footrest to go with your rocking chair? Use a small storage ottoman and keep toys in there. Need a changing table? Use a dresser as a changing table. It keeps clothes, diapers and wipes close by at all times.

Group clothes by size

Before your baby is even born, he or she might have more clothes than you do. The tiny little clothes and miniature shoes are too cute to resist, but how do you manage it all? Organize by size. No need to keep a 3T jumpsuit next to your newborn onesies. For the bigger the clothes, you may want to invest in some vacuum-packed bags so you can store them more easily. As soon as your baby starts growing out of their current clothes you’ll know exactly where to go to switch them out.

Utilize your wall space

Walls are for more than cute decorations. Find some nice hooks that match with your nursery’s decor (or just use Command Strips), and put them everywhere. Hanging things on your nursery walls makes them easily accessible and hard to forget. Hang up your diaper bag, a raincoat, a hat or anything else you and your baby use frequently. This keeps your important items off the floor and easily visible so you never forget.

*remember to keep kiddos safe by keeping things out of babies hands and mounting all furniture to walls.