Aikido of Gainesville

Aikido of Gainesville

4424 SW 35th Terrace Suite 4,
Gainesville, FL 32608


Education & Childcare

Grades: 10 Kyu ranks / 3 Black Belt

Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:6

Financial Aid: Available

Tuition: Base rate $20 per class. More classes = deeper discounts. No contracts.

"Aikido is unique among martial arts in that it teaches calmness and creativity in the midst of aggression, compassion and non-violent responses towards violence, and resolution of conflicts without harming others." -Miles Kessler Sensei

How do you know a good dojo?

  • The sensei's teachings work.
  • The senior students help the juniors.
  • Everybody is having fun!

“When I was in Japan I trained Aikido at many places and during every class there was laughter. In America people ask ‘How long have you trained Aikido?’ In Japan they ask ‘How long have you played Aikido?’ This was so different from my Karate training; I didn’t have to be angry or aggressive to defend myself. At Aikido of Gainesville we PLAY Aikido.” -Thomas C. Huffman Sensei

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