Jonesville Preparatory Preschool

Jonesville Preparatory Preschool

379 NW 136th St.,
Newberry, FL 32669
Education & Childcare

Jonesville Preparatory Preschool offers classes for children aged 3 through Pre-K. We believe children thrive in an environment that is relevant, meaningful, play-based, relationship-based and connected, and safe. In our classes, we celebrate the whole child! We provide an environment where all the learning domains: physical; social and emotional; cognitive; and language and literacy are supported and stimulated. We use play throughout our day creating, moving, observing, discussing, singing, and reading. Inside and outside we allow time for children to play and learn. Our teachers build strong relationships with each child to support them as they explore and learn. Through observations they can create learning experiences that are meaningful to the children. Talking through big emotions, getting messy, singing loud, dancing with joy, playing deeply in pretend play, observing experiments, and discussing everything are part of our day.

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