Queen of Peace Catholic Academy

Queen of Peace Catholic Academy

10900 SW 24th Ave,
Gainesville, FL 32607
Education & Childcare

Grades: Pre-K - 8th grade

Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:12

Financial Aid: Available

Annual Tuition: $7,300 - $9,750

The Academy is an educational community of Gainesville, in which faculty, families and clergy work together to provide students with a strong spiritual and academic foundation used intentionally and strategically to help students learn, to deepen their critical thinking skills, and to open doors to new educational opportunities.

The Academy attracts students of diverse talents and experiences. We encourage our students to embrace KNOWLEDGE and to CREATE in an environment that embraces GOSPEL VALUES. We meet the challenging academic needs of all students while developing a sense of understanding and the courage to act on their beliefs in a moral and intellectual way.

We have created a happy, productive, and engaging environment by offering diverse opportunities that allow our students to develop their unique strengths within an academically challenging curriculum.

One of the key strategies that we attribute to our success is the building of relationships with our students. In 2017-2018 our Guidance Department became a site host for the University of Florida University of Florida Department of Counseling which greatly benefits our school by having interns on campus working under our Guidance Counselor’s tutelage. In Spring 2020, we implemented the Friendzy SEL curriculum which teaches the five-core competencies of social-emotional learning. In 2022, QPCA implemented Responsibility-Centered Discipline. Our goal is to empower students to take ownership for their own behaviors in which students will understand the benefits of forming good behavior habits and learn emotional self-control.

Top Reasons Why Parents choose Queen of Peace Catholic Academy

*Curriculum Focus and unique academic programs such as S.T.E.A.M., Foreign Languages and the Arts
*Quality of Teachers, Principal and Staff including Guidance Counselor and Nurse
*Safety of Student
*Extra Curricular Activities including before and after school programs
*Robotics, iPad Program and integration of MacBook Pro’s
*Google Classroom
*A Project Lead the Way School
*Competitive Sports Program for Middle School
*State of the Art Gymnasium, Science Lab, S.T.E.A.M. and Media Research and Technology Lab
*Physical Location
*The Catholic Approach

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