Express Yourself… with Flowers!

By Sarah Loftus

Who doesn’t love getting flowers? When one thinks Valentine’s Day, red roses is sure to pop into the mind. But, what happens when Valentine’s Day comes and goes and you want to send a message to a loved one or friend, and you’re not quite sure what kind of flower to send? Here is a handy guide that will help you pick out the perfect flowers and brighten someone’s day!


Blue flowers such as hydrangeas represent peace, understanding, tolerance and calmness. They are good flowers to give if you are attempting to make peace with some- one after a fight. Blue hyacinths embody sincerity. Blue flowers show that you are trying to bring tranquility to an anxious situation; in addition, they signify intelligence, unity, and confidence. Blue flowers are also a great flower to give if you are trying to gain someoneÊs trust. If you are in a fight with a significant other, blue flowers may be the right choice, but you may also want to con- sider giving red roses because red signifies love, passion and desire.


White is the color of innocence and humility; it is a simple, yet elegant, color. White flowers depict humble beauty, regardless of the type including lilies, gardenias or roses. Specifically, white lilies symbolize virtue. Additionally, white flowers are sometimes given to express sympathy, and the white stargazer is the particular flower that does this. This is a good flower to give if someone is getting over an illness or if a friend in mourning.


If you’re trying to show joy or kindness, pink flowers such as roses or camellias will do the trick. Along the same line, pink roses are the perfect flower when you are trying to say thank you. They demonstrate appreciation and admiration. Pink carnations are a great flower for mothers to give their children because they communicate a very important message – a motherÊs everlasting love. Pink orchids are perfect to give when you are bursting with affection for someone.


The color usually conveys pride, and it is no different when it comes to flowers. If you are unsure why you are giving flowers and you’re simply doing so on a whim, purple carnations are a good flower to give. Another occasion purple flowers are good for is if you are showing you are proud of someone’s accomplishments.


Maybe you want to give your daughter, sister, or mother flowers, and you are think- ing what kind of flowers should you give and are they going to be sending the correct message. Well, Lavender flowers are a great choice. They represent mature femininity and show that you think the women in your life are beautiful! Also, lavender flowers are adored in nature, and therefore show that you cherish that special someone.


Red, the color most commonly associated with flowers demonstrates passion, love, fervor, and courage; they are usually given to girlfriends and wives. Red roses are known as the “lover’s flower.” Red carnations also portray one’s affection.


For most, when people see the color Orange, they instantly fee happier, which is why it is highly appropriate that it portrays feelings of enthusiasm, warmth and energy. Not surprisingly either, a bouquet of orange flowers shows a passion for life. While red roses are usually associated with love, orange roses can also be given as way to show extreme passion and love for someone else.


The bright demeanor or yellow flowers makes it easy to see why this flower is particularly associated with friendship, cheerful- ness and lightheartedness. Chrysanthemums, daffodils, and sunflowers are all great flowers to give when trying to convey feelings of warmth and merriment.


Green flowers are the ideal flowers to give in situations of renewed health after an illness or surgery. They signify optimism, and therefore, one should give a green bouquet of flowers after a happy event or as a way to show that things are good.

Now, you don’t have to spend your time racking your brain searching for the perfect gift or worrying that your gift of flowers will send the wrong message. No more stressing about whether the person will like this gift because who doesn’t love flowers? No matter the occasion, you’ll always have a thoughtful personal gift to give!

Say Happy Birthday with flowers!

If you are looking to give flowers as a birthday present, you may want to consider giving birth month flowers. It shows that not only are you thinking of them on their birthday, but you are making an extra effort by getting them flowers that represent their particular birth month.

January: Carnation or Snowdrop

February: Violets or Primroses
March: Daffodil or Jonquil
April: Daisy or Sweet Pea
May: Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn
June: Rose or Honeysuckle
July: Larkspur or Water
August: Gladiolas or Poppy
September: Aster or Morning Glory
October: Calendula or Cosmos
November: Chrysanthemum
December: Narcissus or Holly