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  • The Appleton is an award-winning contemporary interpretation of classical architecture clad in Italian travertine marble. The 81,610-square-foot museum features 30,000 square feet of gallery space devoted to the Appleton’s permanent collections.

  • Glazer Children’s Museum gives your little-learner accessible, personalized opportunities to imagine and explore their potential as they grow up. Our little-learners are valued, resilient, and inspired to create their future!

  • The Florida Museum houses more than 40 million specimens and artifacts, including one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of butterflies and moths, and is one the nation’s top five museums. Visitors to the exhibits facility on the UF campus…

  • cade museum

    At the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention our philosophy is arranged along an arc of Think like an inventor or entrepreneur, Meet an inventor or entrepreneur and Be an inventor or entrepreneur that guides the creation of the museum’s exhibits and programs. Using this guiding…