Flying With Kids: A Headache-Free Way to Travel

By Giggle Magazine

By Nicole Germany

Flying can be exhausting for just about anyone, and when you’re traveling with a little one the last thing you want is all eyes on your child when she decides to go into full meltdown mode. However, with a few tips and tricks to keep your kids content while flying, traveling can go from rough riding to smooth sailing.

Airports can be an atmosphere for great chaos, which is why it’s important to prepare well ahead of time. Pack right, plan ahead and make sure your child knows what’s expected of her during the trip.


When preparing beforehand, make sure to take into account all aspects of being at the airport, including lengthy security times, flight durations and any expected layovers you intend to make before reaching your final destination. This will give you a better idea of exactly what you need to pack to make sure everyone is happy. Try sticking with healthy snacks such as dried fruit or veggies, and save some sweets as a treat.


If it will distract them, pack it. Consider the types of items your kiddo enjoys playing with and pack a personalized treasure trove with their favorites. If you can, bring along a tablet with preloaded apps and shows. You may also pack a few little wrapped presents that you can give to them as a reward for good behavior.


For first-time travelers, flying can be a little overwhelming to deal with, so help ease their fears by making sure they understand what’s going on before and during the flight. Try your best to keep calm and do what you can to help them feel as comfortable as possible while still setting proper expectations for behavior.


Whitney Russell, mommy to 2-year-old Henley, said that depending on the age, you might want to travel during nap time or bedtime.

Megan Martin, mommy to 8-month-old Madelyn and 3-year-old Margaux said that she practices staying calm on long flights so the girls don’t get upset.

“I think the biggest way for me to keep the girls calm is for myself to stay calm, and even if I get frazzled, [I try] not to let them see it.”


• Snacks
• Diaper wipes/ disinfecting wipes
• Changing pad
• Sippy cup
• Blanket/pillow
• Change of clothes
• Extra diapers
• Hand sanitizer
• Stroller
• Pacifier/gum


• AppyKids Play School
• Hopster
• Grandma’s Preschool
• GazziliScience
• Pancake Maker – Kids Cooking Game


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• Gel Window Clings — Perfect as an easy, no cleanup distraction