FREE Activities To Do With Your Family!

By Isabela Rosa

A fun day with your kids does not need to cost a fortune. Below is a list of some great activities to do with your kids that don’t cost a thing!

  1. Take the family out to Free Concert Fridays at Bo Diddley Plaza! (Every Friday until October 25, 2019)
  2. Go to Saturday Storytime at the Alachua County Public Library Newberry Branch!
  3. Have an at-home movie marathon with popcorn and candy!
  4. Make collages from old magazines! (You can go to your local nail and hair salons and they might give you their old magazines for free, just ask!)
  5. Create an at-home scavenger hunt!
  6. Gather the family for a game night! Bring out board games, playing cards or even video games!
  7. Go to a local playground or park! (Examples: Alachua Lions Club Downtown Park,  Cynthia Moore Chestnut Park, Clark Butler Nature Preserve or Newberry’s Lois Forte Park)
  8. Have a “Pen Pal Day” where you write letters to your loved ones! You can teach your kids how to address the letters, attach a stamp and put them in the mail!
  9. Make an indoor fort at your house! Grab blankets, pillows and anything you have at home to create a fort. You can have storytime inside the fort, or you can use it as a reading nook!
  10. Have a homemade spa night! Put on face masks, paint each others nails, run an essential oil diffuser and put on your favorite family movie. These activities will make that perfect spa night.
  11. Have a picnic in your favorite park, backyard or by the pool!
  12. Have an improv night! Put random objects in a bag, have your kids each pull out an item from the bag and have them create a scene using the object! This will allow them to use their creativity in a new way!
  13. Have a fashion show! Use old costumes, regular clothes or even trash bags to make fun outfits, and make a “cat walk” so that the whole family can strut their stuff.
  14. Play messy twister! Put paint on a twister mat and have your kids play in bathing suits outside! 
  15. Have a mindfulness night! Introduce your kids to some simple meditation and yoga! This would be especially helpful one of your kids had a hard week. 
  16. Write “Future Selves” letters! Have your kids write letters to their future selves and decorate the envelopes. Save them to open in a couple of years! 
  17. Go to PetSmart Adoption Day! You do not have to adopt while you are there, but it will be fun to look at and pet all the animals! The PetSmart on Archer Road has dogs, cats and sometimes rabbits. You can visit on Saturdays from 11a.m – 5p.m. and Sunday from 11:30a.m.- 4:30p.m.