Sun Country Rocks!

333 S.W. 140th Terrace,
Jonesville, FL 32669
Family Fun

 The Sun Country Sports 3,400 square foot indoor rock wall allows you to push your limits in a comfortable facility with 30-foot walls, top rope, auto-belay, lead climbing, and bouldering.

We offer classes for climbers between the ages of 5 to 18, from basic technique to competition climbing. Our competitive team, Team Rocks, competes around the Southeast.

Climbers are also welcome to drop-in and climb any time the wall is open! We offer daily drop-in rates, as well as monthly climbing passes and 5-daily climb punch cards.

• Sun Country Rocks has over 3,400 square feet of climbing space
• Top-rope, auto-belay, lead climbing, and bouldering available
• 900 square feet free-standing cave
• 160 square foot campus board
• Lessons offered to children and adults of all levels
• Belay certification class included with the price of admission
• Teams and various rock-climbing events throughout the year

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