Get To Know Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

By Leigh Menninger
Mrs. Claus

With Christmas approaching, boys and girls everywhere are on their best behavior. While everyone asks themselves if they are on the Naughty or Nice list, the Head Elf himself took some time to share some insight into what goes into the big night. Preparations last all year, and decorations begin much earlier for Santa and Mrs. Claus than for most. They set a date of October 31 to have all of their decorating done.

“We start out pretty early,” Mrs. Claus says, “but if we don’t have it done by then, we get too busy and we’ll never find all of our twinkle lights.”

The only time Santa and Mrs. Claus take time off to rest is right after Christmas. Then it’s back to work, and that includes exercising! “It’s very important to stay fit, especially with all the cookies!” Santa says.

While Santa is working with the elves to prepare the toys and map out his trip, Mrs. Claus is hard at work making sure everyone is well fed and healthy. She cooks for all of the elves as well as Santa.

As for Santa, he doesn’t have any real meal preferences except for one thing: cookies. “Santa has cookies at every meal,” Mrs. Claus says with a smile.

Cookies are undoubtedly one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of Santa, and for good reason. Kids have been leaving cookies and milk as a way to say thank you for as long as he can remember. He doesn’t have a favorite cookie, and has never been left a ‘bad’ snack.

“Anything prepared with love is my favorite,” he says. “Even if it’s been bought at the store, if it was done with love, I can tell.” Mrs. Claus agrees. She looks forward to the cookies that Santa brings home for her after his long night, although she confesses that she does have a preference for oatmeal raisin cookies. “They have lots of healthy bits in them.”

Figuring out the Naughty and Nice list takes all year, as well. Santa and Mrs. Claus go on trips during the year to check up on children and see which kids are behaving. Sometimes they will even stop in at summer camps, even though Christmas is half of a year away. They also get info from elves, friends, and even from the ‘elf on the shelf’ that some families use. Don’t think that you’re in the clear to misbehave if you don’t see Santa, though. You never know if you’re talking to an elf doing work for Santa.


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