Giggle Magazine Photoshoot Details

Giggle Magazine Photo Shoot Details

Please see attached images for color pallets and suggested layering and looks.

Please AVOID the following:
Busy graphics
Logos of any kind

Plaids and polka dots OK if layered under a solid sweater like attached photo. Please send to us for approval, a phone photo is fine.

Suggested Tops
Navy Blue
Dark Shades of Green  (not lime)
Baby Blue

Grey (light or dark is fine)
Dark Turquoise
Mustard Yellow

Solid color skirts
Solid color dresses
Khaki pants
Black pants

Please keep shoes uniform in color:
Converse, MaryJanes, brown/black boots/heels, etc are good.
Questions: Let me know!

Keep simple and neutral (diamond studs gold or silver balls)

If you have a fab outfit with patterns in the above color theme, please email to us and we will let you know if it will work!
You are welcome to bring additional options and we can go trough them with you before the photoshoot as time allows, however, PLEASE come dressed and ready to go as we are on a tight schedule as of now.

Suggested Accessories 
Layers (jean jackets)

If your red locks are long and flowy, please keep them down and the natural way you wear, like the photos you sent us. Please bring hair ties, bows etc so we can have some variety.

Please wear hair the way you normally do. If you use gel/products, please keep to a minimum as to keep your hair it’s natural red color.

Show your personality!
Even though we are trying to keep a uniform look through the photoshoot, we also want to showcase your personality, so, if you have a fun accessory or outfit you know you ROCK with your red locks bring it along or send us a photo before hand and we will give you some feedback.

Also, if you play an instrument or have a talent (example.. violin, ballet with toe shoes, guitar)  feel free to bring as well.

We will be photographing at the Best Western Gateway Grand:
4200 NW 97th Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32606
Your Direct Contacts: 
Nicole: Cell phone: 352-219-4687
Megan: Cell phone: 386-365-4290

Over the weekend, if you have questions, please email Nicole at or text.

Photoshoot day: Please call either Megan or Nicole

There will be plenty of parking.
We will have someone stationed at the “conference center” entrance, which is to the LEFT of the main entrance.
Look for the Giggle Magazine photo signs.

Please arrive no more than 10-15 minutes before your photoshoot. We do have a meeting room that we will be waiting in, before your photoshoot and we will prep hair and makeup there and do last minute touches on your wardrobe. We will have snacks and water. Please bring any necessities you need for young kiddos.

Please come in your “normal” everyday makeup faces. Please do not do “event makeup”. We want to showcase your beautiful skin, eyes and hair, so the more natural the better, but, please feel free to do your makeup as you normally do.  For the kids, please leave them natural and we will add a touch of color, if we see necessary.

Please have your nails/kiddos nails either without polish OR if you want polish, please have it fresh with no chips, as we may do up-close photos of hands with props if needed. Neutral colors please.

What to expect Day of: 
We are so excited to be doing this photoshoot with you! The day of your photoshoot, once you arrive, you will be welcomed by a Giggle Magazine team member. We will show you to the meeting room. There, you will be greeted by another team member and we will get you all squared away with attire/makeup/hair. When it is your time for photo, we will show you to the photo shoot area. Each time slot is 15 minutes. Please know we will be moving quick, efficiently and trying to be as timely as possible, as we have many photos to take.

For families: We may or may not choose to take a photo of all of you together or individually. We will let you know that day of.

Babies: For babies, we will need a parent to help us in the room with the babies.

For Toddlers-Kiddos: During my 10 years of doing this, I have found that many times, kiddos get “shy” when their parents are watching them and many times parents direct them… totally normal. However, many times it is easier to take photos without parents in the room, if this is the case, we will let you know and have you walk them to the photoshoot room and stand right outside the door. If they begin to cry or get upset, you are more than welcome to come right back in… 🙂 If we can’t get their photo in the time allotted for them we will do our best to reschedule a time if possible, but we can’t promise.

Model Release: We will have model releases for you there.