Happy Family: Meet The Hollow Family

By Giggle Magazine

Nate, Tara, Zach (4) and Alex (2)

Photos By Sincerely Gone Photography

Occupation(s): Nate is a stay-at-home dad and owner of The Hollow Furniture Co. Tara is an administrative specialist in the office of the Vice President for Business Affairs at the University of Florida.

Favorite family meal: Homemade pizza. I have a great recipe for pizza dough.

Mommy and daddy’s hobbies: I love photography and sewing. I’ve actually started a page dedicated to photos, Tara Hollow Photography. Nate’s hobby turned part-time business is taking wooden wire spools and turning them into showroom worthy furniture pieces.

Movie in our DVD player right now: “Moana.”

The kids’ favorite books: “No, David!” by David Shannon and any “Little Critter” book by Mercer Mayer.

Mommy and daddy’s favorite TV shows: My favorite is “This is Us” and Nate’s is “Modern Family.”

Websites we love: Etsy.com, Ancestry.com and Couponmom.com

Favorite sports/extracurriculars to do: Zach has really taken to playing baseball and soccer, and we hope to find the boys a team to join this fall. Alex is mostly interested in playing with hot wheels in the dirt.

Favorite sports to watch: Gator Football and the Chicago Cubs.

Favorite family activity: Snuggling and watching movies on the weekend.

Favorite day trip: The beach!

Favorite family vacation destination: Pass-A-Grille Beach.

What makes my kids laugh: In a house full of boys, anything silly or inappropriate.

Why we love living in gainesville: Most of my family lives here. In addition to
being a UF alum, I was born and raised in Gainesville, and thanks to Ancestry.com, I recently discovered I’m a seventh generation ACR. There’s so much rich family history here. While we love the history of this town, we are excited to see growth and look forward to seeing the changes in the coming years with the successful execution of the UF Strategic Development Plan. What better place to be than the heart of the Gator Nation?

Something that we want our children to have that we didn’t have growing up: Family vacations with their parents.

First word you think of when we say “family”: There is no one word. It’s more a feeling of warmth and happiness.

Must-have item(s): Baby wipes. Not sure how we got by in life without them prior
to having kids. They’re good for cleaning everything.

Three words that describe our family: Loving, understanding and amusing.