Happy Family: The Colón Family

By Giggle Magazine

Names of family members and ages (of all children): John, Jennifer, John Daniel (JD) (6), Lyla (3) and Selah (2) 

Occupation(s): John is a registered nurse, and Jennifer is a first grade teacher.

Favorite family meal: Friday night pizza and a movie.

Favorite date spot: Anywhere we are together (without kids)!

Movie in our DVD player right now: “Donut Man” or “Peter Pan.”

The kids’ favorite books: “Love You Forever,” “I Love You Stinky Face,” “The Kissing Hand,” “Polar Express” and their children’s rhymes bible.

Mommy and Daddy’s favorite TV shows: “This Is Us,” “Timeless,” “Flea Market Flip” and “Fixer Upper.”

Websites we love: Fiercemarriage.comAmazon.com and Pinterest.com.

Favorite sports/extracurriculars to do: Anything outdoors.

Favorite family activity: Dance parties, putting on plays and playing in the backyard with our neighbors. 

Favorite day trip: SeaWorld.

Favorite family vacation destination: The beach.

What makes my kids laugh: When daddy dips and kisses mommy.

Why we love living in Gainesville: We love all of the parks/hiking trails and our church family. We also have family that lives here.

Something that we want our children to value as they grow up: God first, then family and friends.

First word you think of when we say “family”: Happiness.

Must-have item(s): Pacifiers, snacks and scented candles.

Three words that describe our family: Spontaneous, silly and outgoing

Anything else you want us to know about your family? We love life and all that comes with it — the good and the bad. We just take it one day at a time. Parenting has taught us so much about the love Father God has for us. It is the toughest but most amazing responsibility we have been given. We love all of our crazy family!