Healthy Mask Tips to Teach To Your Kiddos!

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

Not all children adjust right away to wearing a mast all day, especially if they haven’t needed to during the summer. And, there are things to keep in mind when wearing a mask to make sure you are being as hygienic as possible. Here are some healthy mask tips to teach to your kiddos as they wear their masks for long periods of time!

Encourage them to:

  • Not touch their face or eyes while they are wearing a mask
  • Not play with it
  • Tell you what is bothering them BEFORE removing it, this way you can adjust it and see if it is fixable or see if you need to get a new one.

Have them tell you if:

  • It is scratchy
  • It is fogging up their glasses
  • If they feel light head
  • It is hard for them to breath
  • If they get a headache or if it is hurting their ears

Mask Station

If your children will be wearing reusable fabric masks, they will need to be washed after each daily use. Set up a station in an area where your children can drop off their dirty mask each day upon entering the house and pick up a clean one when leaving the house.

Mask Bag

During lunchtime and outdoor time, your kiddos will have an opportunity to take off their mask. In order to NOT lose it or get it contaminated, send them to school with a special “mask” bag for them to put their mask in once removed such as a labeled zip lock bag or a small makeup bag. This way, they can go right back to the bag and grab it.

Go over these healthy mask tips with your kiddos to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at school and at home.


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