Highlight of Your Life

By Giggle Magazine

By Isabella Sorresso

If you have stepped into an Ulta or Sephora in the last few years, then you know that the most recent beauty trend is highlighter, and we are not talking about school supplies. Highlighters can be found just about anywhere makeup is sold and in every color imaginable. But what is highlighter and what does it do?

Highlighters come in many shapes, forms and colors. It is primarily used to attract light to certain portions of your face in order to accentuate the high points of the face and create a luminous look that many people refer to as “a glow.” Often highlighter is predominantly applied to the tops of your cheekbones, but the bridge of your nose, your Cupid’s bow, the center of your forehead and your brow bones can also be highlighted to accentuate those strong facial features.

While you will want to show off your highlight, it should only be noticeable when light hits the areas of your face with the product. Once you have applied the correct shade of highlighter, you should get just a glimpse of light bouncing off the product as you turn your head to the side. If you can see stripes of color on your face when you look at yourself straight on in the mirror, this means the highlighter color is too dark for you. The ideal highlighter should be one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Choosing the right color for your complexion is important when it comes to highlighter. You want a beautiful, healthy glow rather than a glittery mess!

Beyond choosing the right color, you have to determine which type of highlighter is right for you. Highlighters come in different formulas and styles, so whether you prefer a natural or a full-glam look will determine which type of highlighter you use.


Powder highlighters are a classic style that can offer you either a natural radiance or a blinding glow depending on the brand and color you choose.

Cream highlighters come in either a compact or stick form. Choosing a cream highlighter will give you a more dewy finish and eliminate the possibility of your makeup looking cakey because it blends with your foundation and powder rather than sitting on top of them.

Liquid highlighter does essentially the same thing as cream highlight, except often the color is more intense, giving you a more vibrant shine. Furthermore, with a liquid highlighter, you have the option to mix it in with your foundation to create an all-over luminous look right off the bat.

Choosing the right highlighter can be difficult, but to create a flawless, glowing complexion, it is worth finding the perfect one for you.