Homemade Valentines: Art with Heart!

By Megan Sapelak
Valentine card

Need some last minute Valentine ideas? Try out these super easy Valentine’s Day heart art ideas that you can give out this year to classmates, coworkers or to that special someone. Show your heart with these homemade Valentines!

Folding diagram

Folding Heart


1. Measure and cut out an 8 inch by 8 inch square from your construction paper.

2. Fold the square diagonally into a triangle and press on the crease. Fold the triangle in half, then fold that triangle in half again, for a total of three folds.

3. Unfold the paper back into the first folded triangle. You should see all your crease marks from the folding.

4. With a pencil, draw out the shape shown below onto the triangle. Cut along the drawn line.

5. Unfold the cut paper completely.

6. Taking the top left of the paper, fold along the diagonal crease.

7. Now take the top right of the paper and fold along the last diagonal crease. Your paper should now be folded into one heart.

8. Decorate your heart with glitter, ribbon, stickers or markers. Don’t forget to write your love notes inside!


We repeated steps 1-6 with a red piece of paper and glued the red to the outside of the white paper. Then we used steps 6 and 7 and folded them together. This creates an extra pop of color as you open the card.

Joining Hearts


1. Cut out one heart shape from the white construction paper. Using the white heart as a guide, cut out an identical heart from the pink construction paper.

2. Cut a small slit (about an inch) from the top middle of the pink heart.

3. Slide the white heart through the pink slit so they are overlapping.

4. Using another piece of pink construction paper, cut a 1/4 inch strip down the side of the paper.

5. Fold the pink strip around the center of the two overlapping hearts and glue the ends together.

6. Make a small bow from ribbon and glue to the top of the folded pink strip.

7. Decorate  as wanted and write your notes on the overlapping pink and white hearts!

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