Hottie Dads 2016: Ashley Ghiaseddin

By Giggle Magazine
Ashley Ghiaseddin

Ashley Ghiaseddin

Neuro-Oncologist at UF
Dad to Leila, 2 1/2, and Parisa, 6 months

Do you have any special “dad” routines?

I tuck my daughter Leila in bed every night. She gets to pick out three or four books and we also talk and sing. It’s something I look forward to every evening and I think Leila does too!

What is your most memorable “dad” moment?

When my wife was pregnant with our second daughter she ended up on hospital bed rest for two weeks. I was basically on my own working and taking care of our older daughter. It was challenging, but it brought my daughter and I even closer. That experience also gave me a whole new perspective and admiration for everything my wife does for our family every day!

Who is your biggest influence on your parenting style?

My grandfather is one of the kindest, most compassionate and honest men I have ever known. I strive to be the kind of family-oriented man he has been for over 90 years.

What has been the funniest parent moment so far?

My family and I went to the beach for the day, and I was helping change my daughter’s diaper in the back of our SUV. I gave my daughter a tube of diaper cream to hold, hoping to keep her hands occupied during the diaper change. She ended up squirting the diaper cream EVERYWHERE. It was all over her hair, her face and even on the ceiling of the car. This was months ago and we are still finding remnants of that diaper cream in the car!

Which TV or movie dad are you most like?

This is a hard question. Even though my girls are still young, I can relate to the fatherly emotions of Steve Martin from “Father of the Bride.” I get choked up just thinking of my daughters leaving home or getting married already!

Do you have a special meal you cook?

Cooking is definitely not one of my strengths. I have been known to make a peanut butter sandwich or macaroni and cheese on occasion and haven’t received any complaints.

In the words of wife, Alison, “My husband is the most amazing man and dad to our two young girls. as a doctor he puts his heart and soul into helping others on a daily basis and as a result, works long hours. his intense workload still does not prevent him from making time for his family and making sure we feel loved every day.”