Hottie Dads 2016: Kyle Newell

By Giggle Magazine
Kyle Newell

Kyle Newell

Wealth Management Advisor
Dad to Logan, 4, and Steven, 6 months

What is the best part about being a dad?

The little moments of daily life with my boys are the best. For instance, the other day Logan was busy putting together some Legos as I sat by his side. Then, suddenly, he looked up and said “Daddy, I love you.” He gave my arm a tight squeeze and a kiss then went back to his work. It’s also hard to beat the ear-to-ear grin on Steven’s face when I come home from work.

Do you have any special “dad” routines?

I am regularly cast as Optimus Prime with Logan staring as “the mean wolf dog” (not sure who that is), who turns into Bumble Bee, who turns into a puppy in an epic battle against “Doc Morocco” (aka a pillow on my bed) and his morbots (more pillows). Once we have secured a victory, we wind down for the night by reading a variety of books and telling adventurous bedtime stories of playing with dinosaurs or traveling to distant lands.

When it comes time for Steven’s bedtime, my five S (shushing, sideways positioning, swaddling, swinging and sucking) game is solid. I mean, when it’s time to put Steven down to sleep, I hold that little guy high and tight like a football, initiate the five S’s and voila, Steven is out like a light.

Who was/is your biggest influence on your parenting style?

I know they say to never talk about politics and religion, but I would be lying if I gave any other answer than Jesus. His life and teachings have changed me from the inside out and have not only influenced my parenting style, but also who I am as a person. From the purpose and meaning I find through Him flows how I want (key word want — life is a process and it goes one day at a time) to live my life, including how I interact with and raise my children.

Which TV or movie dad are you most like?

Most likely Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from “Home Improvement.” I can’t fix a thing, but I’ll give it a good go until Brooke has to call a professional and potentially a medic. It has been at least 10 days since the last major accident.

In the words of wife, Brooke, “words cannot even begin to express how wonderful of a dad kyle is to logan and steven. kyle makes sacrifices on a daily basis for our family and works extremely hard to provide for us. he is a godly man and teaches both boys about god’s unconditional love for them. no matter what type of day kyle has had, he is always excited to see his boys.”