How Can You Use Duct Tape for Crafting?

By Giggle Magazine

Duct tape. How many of us actually use it to tape our ducts? I can’t think of a single time I ever said, “Where is that duct that needs taping.” Rather, I see it as the hidden gem of the mom and crafters “craft” box. Now that it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, the sky is the limit for creating and crating with duct tape!


Cut a 1”x 6” piece of card stock and cover with favorite colored duct tape.

Pretty Pencils

Use colorful and vibrant shades of duct tape and cover plain wooden pencils to dress up study time.

Jazzy Clipboard

Jazz up your clipboard for school, home or the office by applying your favorite duct tape color or pattern around the outside of a simple clipboard. Personalize it with stickers!

Pencil Pouch

Add some duct tape to the outside of a gallon Ziplock bag that you have cut about an inch off the bottom of. Wrap duct tape around edges and cover all sides. For the top, leave some to hang over the closure part. Fold tape over to make a non-sticky edge.

Protecting Book Corners

Does your kiddo have workbooks that need protecting? Just take a piece of duct tape and fold over the corner!


Have an old picture frame that lost its glam? Use your favorite pattern of duct tape to jazz it up to match new décor.

Have fun crafting with duct tape, and see all of the cute creations you can come up with!