IKEA Hacks: Making a Simple Window Herb Garden

By Giggle Magazine

By now many of us are well aware of this Swedish company IKEA that sells all kinds of home goods at a reasonable price. What you may not be aware of is there is a whole movement of people that have found ways of customizing or repurposing IKEA products, turning them into brilliant products that t all sorts of specific home needs.

We decided to dive into this world and try one of the hacks suggested at one of the websites that caters to these brave few: IKEAHackers.net. We chose their instructions for a window herb garden. Why this particular one? This particular hack met perfectly our criteria for a rst try project: quick, easy and affordable. And let’s just say we were very happy with the results.

Want to try building your own? Below is a list of all you’ll need to buy and how to put it all together.



  1. SVARTPEPPAR pots with holders (Opted for 2; 3 may fit but adds additional weight which may not be ideal).
  2. HORNEN shower curtain rod
  3. Optional: RUDSJON “S” hooks (these can be used to hang additional items you may need for your small indoor herb garden (sprayer, clipper, etc.)
  4. Herbs of your choosing; we chose Rosemary and Sage for ours.
  5. Potting soil


  1. Purchased supplies at IKEA store in Orlando (Millenia).
  2. Found ideal location for rod and adjusted with enough tension to safely hold pots. This may take some time to get the right tension. Once the correct tension is achieved, rotate rod for locking into place.
  3. Hang pots using hardware included. Note: the SVARTPEPPAR pots that come with hardware are considerably heavy. We recommend keeping the hardware and replacing them with plastic/metal pots. This should lighten the weight on the shower rod and allow for a possible third pot (if needed).
  4. Fill pots with potting soil and herbs chosen.
  5. Enjoy your fresh herb garden!


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