It’s a Beauty Emergency!

By Giggle Magazine

By Ashleigh Braun, Colleen McTiernan and Nicole Irving

Busy moms don’t always have time to run home between running around town to pick up the kids and meeting friends for dinner. By keeping a beauty emergency kit in your purse, you’ll be ready for anything! Consider the below tips to make the perfect emergency kit.

  1. Size matters! Be sure to pick up a cosmetics bag that is large enough to fit everything you need, but small enough to fit in your purse.
  2. Keep a lint roller on hand to get rid of stray pet hairs and crumbs.
  3. Consider a powder compact that comes with both a mirror and a brush.
  4. Grab a lipgloss that doubles as a rollerball perfume, like the pictured Michael Kors lip gloss.
  5. With Wunder2’s two-in-one brow liner and gel and a set of tweezers, your eyebrows will always look sharp.
  6. Bobby pins can help turn your messy mom bun into a sleek up-do for an impromptu night out.