6 Tips For Jogging With Baby

By Christy Piña
Jogging With Baby

After having a baby, the first couple of months are spent caught up in all the new mommy duties that now exist in life. But, as the mommy honeymoon phase dwindles slightly, many moms want to begin returning to pre-mommy habits, and that is perfectly normal. A new mom may miss her weekly workouts, and that is when it is time to start blending the new routine with the old routine! While a new mom may not be able to jump right into five days a week at the gym just yet, she can absolutely start working out little by little. And one of the best ways to get back in to things is to starting jogging with baby!

At home workouts are a great solution, but for moms who miss their pre-mommy body and love to run, jogging with baby is a wonderful solution to help transition into a new daily routine. It may not be the exact workout new moms were doing before, but it does get them up and moving and back into a workout routine. Plus, they get to spend time with their baby and also get out of the house.

There are a few things to keep in mind when taking your baby jogging in the wonderful fall weather!

1. Make sure you have a jogging stroller.

While it may be easier to just take your regular baby stroller and run with it, it’s important to have a good jogging stroller. Jogging strollers have large tires and shocks that help decrease the amount of bouncing your baby feels when jogging. Some strollers even come with a hand brake and wrist strap that gives you the utmost control when jogging with your newborn.

2. Ask a pediatrician if your baby is ready.

The age at which your baby is physically able to go jogging with you varies. On average, most babies are able to comfortably and safely ride in a stroller at about 6-8 months, but your doctor should always give the OK before you go. The crucial part of this is that your baby needs to have good neck control before being able to go on a jog with you, and by 6-8 months, your baby has that.

3. Map out your path.

By planning out your path ahead of time, you ensure that even if your baby is physically ready for a jog, he or she won’t be facing any huge bumps or sharp turns. The things that seem normal for us can often scare a baby when it’s something he or she hasn’t faced before.

4. Take the weather into consideration.

When you’re jogging, it’s easy to not stress about the weather too much because even if it is a little chilly, once you start, you’ll warm up immediately. Your baby, on the other hand, may not. Because your baby isn’t the one exerting the energy it takes to jog, they could get chilly very quickly. So, make sure you pack warm clothes. If it’s incredibly hot, however, pack a clip-on fan to keep him or her cool and make sure they have sunscreen on! While covering the stroller may seem like a good idea, it is recommended you do not do this as it traps the heat in the stroller with your baby and can quickly cause them to overheat.

5. Keep in mind, your baby might be fussy.

If it’s your first time taking your baby out jogging with you, don’t be surprised if they start crying. It may be scary for them and will likely take a couple of jogs before they begin to enjoy it and always bring your infant supplies of fresh diaper, wipes, extra clothes and snacks!

6. Check with YOUR doctor.

Always check with your physician or OB before you begin an exercise regiment after giving birth as healing and rest times vary from mother to mother and depend on the type of delivery you had (vaginal or c-section).

Tips for your run

  • Plan your route, and avoid hills and stick to quiet streets
  • Make sure baby is full, but let the belly settle a bit before heading out
  • Always check buckles and ensure they are safely tucked in.
  • Don’t run too far! You can always loop that route, but if baby gets cranky four miles in to a run, it will be a long four miles back with a cranky baby.
  • Nix the headphones so you can hear your infant.
  • Avoid blankets, they can fall during the jog and get caught in the wheels.


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