Just a Light Shower: Hosting a Baby Sprinkle

By Colleen McTiernan

Up until the last few years, baby showers were reserved just for celebrating your first pregnancy. The rules of etiquette only allowed a second shower if you were having your second child right on the heels of your first, requiring two of everything (two cribs, two high chairs, etc.) to accommodate both young ones, or if you were having a child of a different gender. But why not celebrate all of your pregnancies? Instead of showering a repeat expectant mother with gifts, shower her with the love and well wishes she deserves by hosting a baby sprinkle.

The idea behind a baby sprinkle is very similar to that of a baby shower, but it is usually a more low-key affair, hence why it is a “sprinkle” instead of a full on “shower.” Parents expecting their second child will most likely have all of the basic baby supplies taken care of from their first child. However, there are some small items that they will still need, like diapers and new clothes/toys. In some cases, parents may also need bigger items, like car seats and strollers, if their first child is still using the originals. Baby sprinkles help parents get ready for making the jump from a family of three to a family of four. Of course, if you have the supplies you need, you can always opt to go the gift-free route. There are no rules when it comes to celebrating your baby!

If you chose have a unisex baby shower, baby sprinkles are a great opportunity to host a co-ed event. You can forgo the traditional baby-themed party games if you would like in favor of a more laidback, unstructured event, or you can put together some easy activities for your guests to take part in throughout the course of the party. For instance, you can lay out plain white onesies for your guests to decorate. You just need to provide fabric markers, and then your guests can let their artistic sides loose as they create something original for your little one.

Whether you decide to throw a backyard BBQ open to friends and family or a light brunch affair for the ladies in your life, no longer do you have to skip out on celebrating your second and even third children. Baby sprinkles are here to stay!

A “Sprinkles” Themed Sprinkle

According to The Pinterest 100, rainbow sprinkles-themed baby sprinkles are on trend for 2018. From food to décor, using sprinkles as your theme is a simple and colorful way to dress up your low-key celebration.

The Light After the Storm

Another popular theme idea takes the sprinkle and shower names literally with a cute sun shower theme! Umbrellas and paper raindrop cutouts make for sweet and easy decorations.

Giggle Tip

Be sure to explain what a baby sprinkle is on your invitations for those guests who may not have heard the term before!