Lash Logistics: Make a Statement With Long Lasting Lashes!

By Kara Winslow
long lasting lashes

With those newest accessories we have been adorning, aka masks, much of our face is covered throughout the day – except for our eyes. So, it’s time to make them pop and have those long lasting lashes on point at all times!


From Kara Winslow, Make Up Artist

Applying your own false lashes can be frustrating, but there are some simple tricks that can make it easier. And we’ve all seen some really bad lashes out there. We all want longer lashes and false lashes can give you that if done the correct way. Here are some steps to make it easier.


1. When buying lashes, first off, don’t spend more than a few dollars. You should only be wearing them once because they won’t apply as well a second time and it isn’t sanitary. So don’t waste money on crazy expensive ones.

2. Look for ones where the lashes are attached to a fishing line not on solid black plastic strip. These will more easily bend to the curvature of your eyelid and the fishing line will disappear.

3. Choose ones that aren’t too dense. If they are super dense they will drop a shadow under your eye, making a dark circle that isn’t really there and can weigh your eye down instead of causing your eye to look more open.

4. Also avoid ones that are longer than the distance between your eyelashes and eyebrows. Everyone’s eye shape is different, so base your purchase on your eyes.

5. It’s very important to buy good adhesive. Avoid the adhesive in the package and instead buy a bottle of DUO (I like the blue package). It dries clear, so if you mess up when placing it, you can’t tell. Also, it is latex based so it’s easy to remove!

PRO TIP: If you have a latex allergy they have a latex free option, but it’ll be harder to remove at the end of the night.


1. When you are preparing to apply the lashes, make sure you do your full makeup because it’s hard to apply after they are placed.

2. Do a full black line on your upper lid. This will hide the seam of the lashes.

3. When you are removing the lash from the package, gently put your thumb on it and pull it down. You can move the lashes and bend the strip if you aren’t careful when removing.

4. Once you’ve done this, measure the lash to make sure it doesn’t hang past your eye lid. Most of the time it will need to be trimmed.

5. Trim the excess from the outside corner of the lash, not the inside corner. If you don’t trim this excess, it’ll make it hard to have the lash lay flat and the excess will hang over making your eye look droopy.

6. Apply a thin line of the glue to the seam of the lash.

7. Let it sit until it’s tacky. If it’s too liquidy, it won’t stick to skin.

8. Then, holding it with two hands, slightly bend the lash so it takes on the curvature of your lid.

9. Place the lash above your natural lash line. If the corners pop up push down on them with the handle end of a small brush or your nails.

10. Once they are fully dried curl them with an eyelash curler. This will make them blend in naturally with your natural lashes so it doesn’t look like you have two layers of lashes.

PRO TIP: One of the biggest mistakes I see is when people use lashes that are too big for their eyes, which makes their eyes disappear. Another is when people don’t trim the lashes, which makes the lashes crumpled and the eye look droopy. Also drawing that black eyeliner over the entire length of the upper eye to hide the seam is very important to make it look like you aren’t wearing false lashes. You want your lashes to look like they are part of your faces not a strange attachment distracting from your natural beauty.


If you want to boost your lash growth, there are some great products on the line today that can help you achieve some long lashes!


1. Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

$139 ($155 retail) per 5 ml bottle 6 month supply, Erica Owen, Rodan + Fields Consultant,, (904)-608-0870


2. Latisse

$175 per 5ml bottle 6 month supply, Pure Aesthetics


3. Eyelash Serum with Lash Caring Complex

$14.99, Loreal Paris,


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