Little Ways to Remind Your Kiddo That You Love Them

By Renee Castro

With the craziness of the school year and work, sometimes we forget to remind people just how much we love them, even if it’s our own children! Valentine’s day is the perfect day to remind people how much you love them, and with these simple ways to show your kiddo how much you love them, you can use them more than just one day of the year!

Slip them a lunchbox note

These were my favorite when I was a kid. My mom packed my lunchbox while I got ready for school, but the best part was pulling out my napkin with a little doodle and a reminder that my mommy loved me!


An easy and free alternative to literally anything! Sometimes a butterfly kiss, an eskimo kiss, or a forehead kiss by mom or dad can turn your entire day around! Before they walk out the door or even as they’re just walking by, stop them and give them a quick hug and a kiss!

Remind them that you’re proud of them

One thing that will never get old is hearing your parents tell you how proud of you they are. Read a story with them, or help them with their homework and then just take a second to remind them how proud they make you! Look at your little star shine.

Play with them

You don’t always have to flat out tell someone you love them, sometimes just doing a little something here and there will absolutely let them know or make them feel better. Spend some time with your kiddo and have a little play date, just you and them!

Make them their favorite dinner, and then let them eat dessert

This one doesn’t even need a full explanation. Pay attention to what your kids go-to meal choice is, then make it for them and let them have dessert! That will surely put a big smile on their face!