Looking for Ways To Get Creative In Gainesville?

By Anastasia Sims

For the creative mind, Gainesville is a great location. There are so many creative things to do with your friends and family, ranging from painting to something a little more out of this world. Forbes shares that tapping into your creativity can improve your overall health by increasing happiness and improving mental health. 

Painters can relax and enjoy their free time through several activities around town. Whether it’s a birthday party or a solo venture, Painting with a Twist offers easy, follow-along painting classes, and it doesn’t hurt that you can sip some wine during class. First Magnitude Brewery is also hosting a Crayola calligraphy workshop coming up on February 29th. For anyone wanting to improve their handwriting to Pinterest-level, this workshop is a great first step. Painting with a Twist also offers Family Days and kid’s classes!

Music, according to the same Forbes article, helps connect our left and right brain. This improves overall cognitive function. For those who want to try their hand at a new instrument, the Academy of Music and Arts & Gainesville Guitar Academy offers lessons for just about any instrument for any age. 

The Kika Silva Pla Planetarium is a great late-night activity for music and outer space lovers alike. The Santa Fe College planetarium offers a traditional look into the night sky; however, they also have laser light shows on Friday and Saturday nights to the soundtracks of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. They post their entire list of shows on their website

No matter what it is, Gainesville is jam packed with creative things to do and enjoy. Dopamine, the chemical that helps stabilize our brains, helps create those feel good feelings when individuals engage in creative activities. Explore Gainesville to exercise your creative side with your family and friends!