Love is in the Bin: The Dollar Bin!

By Renee Castro

Valentine’s Day is around the corner once again, but this year, make it simple. We found a way for you to toss aside the boxed classroom-set of cards, and bring in some pretty cool small gifts at an even smaller cost! These Gainesville stores have everything you need to change up the game for just $1!

1. Oozy Slime

Lovable Dinosaurs, 6 count Target

2. Heart Pops

Cherry Flavor, 20 count Dollar General

3. Wood Clips

Heartfelt Sayings, 6 count Target

4. Puzzle Erasers

Cupcakes, 4 count Target

5. Adhesive Bandages

Valentines, 20 count Target

6. Wooden Pencils

Valentines, 12 count Dollar Tree

7. Sticker Boxes

Llamas, Frogs, Monkeys, 18 Count
Dollar Tree

8. Conversation Hearts Box Tiny, 5 Count
Dollar General


A cute mailbox can store it all!

White Mailbox, Hampton Art, $4.99, JoAnn Fabrics