Make Easy D.I.Y. Hand Sanitizers With Just a Few Ingredients

By Jacqueline Saguin
DIY hand sanitizers

If you can’t get your hands on a store bought hand sanitizer, try these easy-to-make, D.I.Y. hand sanitizers below.

Life can’t stop because of the coronavirus. We still have to work, care for children and buy groceries, which is why hand sanitizer is essential for when you need on-the-go cleansing. You may come up empty handed in your pursuit as people are stockpiling cleaning supplies. Lucky for you, there are D.I.Y. hand sanitizers that are both safe to use and act as a protective barrier.

Soap and water are the most effective way to clean your hands, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). But if this is not readily available, make sure to reach for a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Remember, It doesn’t completely eliminate germs, but it does reduce microbes on your hands for those short moments away from home. Hand sanitizers help you avoid sickness and spreading germs to others. Remember to always keep your hands out of your mouth and eyes and away from your face as much as possible.



Alcohol dries and strips skin from its protective oils. This aloe vera gel mixture helps moisturize, but keep in mind that the higher the alcohol concentration, the more likely the irritation. Damaged skin can trap bacteria and viruses, so moisturize afterward!

This recipe requires:

  • 2/3 cup 91% to 99% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)
  • 1/3 cup aloe vera gel
  • Bowl and spoon
  • Bottle with pump dispenser

Use clean tools so you don’t contaminate your batch! Mix isopropyl alcohol with aloe vera gel in a bowl. Pour your mixture into a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser or flip top.



This World Health Organization recipe uses a high concentration of glycerol, which helps protect against dry skin.

This concoction includes:

  • 12 fl oz 91% to 99% rubbing alcohol
  • 1 tbsp 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 tsp 98% glycerol
  • 3 fl oz distilled or boiled cold water
  • Funnel
  • Plastic bottle
  • Spray bottle

According to the WHO’s recipe, pour the rubbing alcohol through the funnel and into a bottle. Add the hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the teaspoon in distilled or boiled, then cooled water to add the glycerol. Shake the mixture gently, then pour into spray bottles.

How to use:

Apply the hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand and rub the product all over the surfaces of your hands until dry. It may not be as effective when hands are visibly dirty or greasy. Rather than cleaning your hands altogether, hand sanitizer acts a deterrent.


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