Get Maternity Styling Tips for Dressing the Bump

By Colleen McTiernan
Maternity Styling Tips

As your baby bump grows bigger, it might be harder for you to find clothes that best fit your body. Dressing the bump can be a major fashion challenge, but luckily we have some maternity styling tips to help you stay chic, and most importantly, comfy!

Don’t be afraid of form-fitting pieces

Embrace the bump! Form-fitting clothing, even into your second and third trimesters, is in style. The once popular empire waistline has been laid to the wayside, as it tends to produce a more shapeless look.

Leggings are your friend!

When your regular jeans stop closing, but you are not ready to make the jump to maternity jeans, a cozy pair of leggings can be just what you need! Dress up black or neutral toned leggings for a day at the office, and go for patterns for a fun day out.

Wrap it up

Wrap dresses are perfect way to show off the bump at every stage of your pregnancy. They are a staple in pregnancy style because they are versatile, elegant and easy to wear. The fitted style and cut make them a comfortable yet stylish option that will flatter every curve of your body, especially your growing bump.

Get some comfy kicks

If you weren’t much of a heels girl before getting pregnant, you certainly won’t be during your pregnancy either. Invest in some comfortable yet fashionable flat shoes, like a pair of loafers or trendy slip-ons, and consider sizing up if you are worried about swollen feet.

Don’t sweat it

A long cardigan is the perfect accessory for your baby bump. Throw it over a shirt and leggings to complete a more casual look, or belt it with a dress for a more put together appearance. Plus, as your pregnancy progresses, you can go from hot to cold in a flash, so layering with a cardigan is the way to go.

Suit up

Although tricky to navigate, a jumpsuit can certainly be a great day to night option during pregnancy. Just be sure to pick something made from a comfortable fabric. You will also want an elastic waistband to and a looser fitting top to accommodate you as you grow.

Don’t forget undergarments!

Your belly is not the only area that may see some growth. Purchasing bras and underwear in bigger sizes will be instrumental in your comfort as your pregnancy moves forward.

Remember that comfort is key. What fits one day, may not fit the next day. Your body is growing a baby, so make sure that clothing has some give to it and do not be afraid to get bigger sizes! We hope our maternity stying tips can help you during your pregnancy.


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