Meet the Spiwak Family

By Giggle Magazine

Marc, Erin, Halle (8) and Parker (6)

Occupation(s): Marc is a residential mortgage sales manager with Landmark Mortgage Planners and Erin is a CPA and Partner at James Moore & Co.

Favorite family meal: Pizza.

Favorite date spot: Dinner out anywhere.

Our family is most like: Fudge — mostly sweet with a little bit of nuts.

Movie in our DVD player right now: “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”

The kids’ favorite books: “Dolphin Tale 2” (Halle) and “Captain Underpants” (Parker).

Mommy and Daddy’s favorite TV shows: “Fixer Upper.”

Websites we love: and

Favorite sports/extracurriculars to do: Basketball and gymnastics.

Favorite sports to watch: College football.

Favorite family activity: Going to the beach.

Favorite local picnic spot: Our living room for movie night.

Pets: None, unless you count the frogs,lizards and spiders that are caught all the time!

Favorite day trip: The grandparents’ place on the Gulf in Suwannee.

Favorite family vacation destination: A Disney Cruise.

What makes my kids laugh: House dance parties, especially when Parker is dancing.

Why we love living in Gainesville: The culture, sports and outside activities.

Something that we want our children to have that we didn’t have growing up: We both had great childhoods, so we hope they can say the same.

First word you think of when we say “family”: Unconditional love (OK, two words).

Must-have item(s): Love, laughter and our pool!

Three words that describe our family: Crazy, snuggly and weird. Anything else you want us to know about your family? We are lucky to have each other.