5 Modern Day Fairy-Tale Books for Your Kiddos

By Elayza Gonzalez
Modern Day Fairy-Tale Books

Fairy tales do not always have to be about a damsel in distress waiting for her prince to save the day. Modern day fairy tale books prove that there is more to life than just aspiring to find your perfect prince or flawless princess. These books reflect the importance of love, but they also illustrate the power of friendship, independence and empathy.

“Interstellar Cinderella” by Deborah Underwood (Kindergarten – Grade 2)

This book offers an interesting twist on the classic fairy tale. In this version, Cinderella has a passion for repairing spaceships and solving problems using her tools. She breaks gender stereotypes and proves girls can do whatever they want without needing a prince.

“Snoring Beauty” by Bruce Hale (Kindergarten – Grade 2)

This book is a comical take on Sleeping Beauty. Like in the original, a fairy vows Princess Marge will fall into a deep slumber into her late teens. However, in this version, she takes the form of a snoring dragon. This story will keep you laughing until the happily-ever-after ending.

“Genie in a Bottle (Whatever After Series)” by Sarah Mlynowski (Grade 3)

When Abby and Jonah travel through their magic mirror and fall into the story of Aladdin, they have to work together to overcome challenges, otherwise Aladdin won’t get to marry Princess Jasmine. This story takes you on an adventure while highlighting that families are stronger together than they are apart.

“Hamster Princess: Ratpunzel” by Ursula Vernon (Grade 3)

When Princess Harriet Hamsterbone sees Ratpunzel imprisoned in a tower, they think of an innovative way to saver her: they use her impressively long tail. Both Harriet and Ratpunzel defy gender roles and use their friendship to save the day.

“Beastly” by Alex Flinn (Young Adult)

A tale as old as time but set in modern-day New York, this is a retelling of the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. This version is told from the Beast’s point of view, an arrogant high school freshman cursed by a witch to have looks as ugly as his heart. This heart-warming story showcases the importance sympathy and proves that changing for the better is possible.


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