Creating a Modern Nursery For You and Baby

By Christy Piña
Creating a modern nursery

Long gone are the days when nurseries had to be strictly pink for girls or baby blue for boys. With modern times, come modern colors, decorations and furniture. Creating a modern nursery depends on not only what you think would be best for your baby but also what you like personally. The décor can be strictly for the child, but making the nursery a room you would enjoy spending a lot of your time in is crucial.

Color Scheme

If you despise the color pink, then do not paint your baby girl’s nursery pink. Same thing with baby blue. There are plenty of other colors that work for girls and boys alike. By gravitating more toward gender-neutral color schemes like butter yellow and gray or mint green and navy, you allow yourself to be more creative. With these color palettes highlighted around the nursery, you can stick to more neutral furniture colors, like whites, light wood or even black.

You can even flip the script and go for colorful furniture and a more neutral color scheme on the walls. Stick to beige, taupe or gray and make it pop with colorful furniture like a yellow rug or chair, an aqua crib, or maybe even a red desk. There are no rules for your baby’s nursery.


For the type of furniture to get for the modern nursery, your best bet is to get a crib that converts to a toddler bed or even a full-sized bed for when your baby (sadly) outgrows his or her crib. “The style of crib and rocker is a critical element of a modern nursery,” said Amanda Carreon, founder of A Divine Closet, a custom closet business in Gainesville. “Cribs these days come in all shapes and sizes, as do the rockers. Therefore, selecting something that is low profile and clean-lined is a key element to the visual modern style in a nursery.”

Creating modern nurseries are all about maximum utility, so consider getting a dresser that doubles as a changing table and chairs that offer storage space. Forgo the traditional wooden rocker, and look into a rocking arm chair for maximum relaxation. You will also want to add some blankets, pillows and maybe even an ottoman, so that the many hours you will spend in the nursery pass in comfort.


To add the finishing touches to your modern-day nursery, all that is left is the decorations. “Less is more in a modern nursery,” Carreon said. “Efficiency in your decorations is key to keeping the style fresh.” She suggests abstract artwork to add to the contemporary feeling, and to avoid trim molding. Adding a cool titanium lamp can be an added touch to your contemporary nursery. As an above-the-crib focal point, consider a world map, paper flowers, or even a papier-mâché animal head. If you are working with a small space you may also consider a chic mirror to make the space seem larger. “Lighting is also critical and the use of natural light is popular in modern aesthetics,” Carreon said. Minimalist curtains or cell shades that stack tightly allow you to shut out the light when needed and let it shine when wanted.

Giggle Tip!

As with any baby nursery, safety is key. Pillows, bumpers and blankets, although cute and decorative, should stay out of the crib. You should also keep the crib away from any cords, such as blind or curtain cords, and use safety mechanisms for blinds if a concern rises.

Be sure to cover all outlets and mount all your new modern furniture to the walls, especially dressers and bookcases, as growing babies have a tendency to climb.


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