Mom Hacks: Helpful Homework Tips

By Morgan Hill

After a long day at school, your child is most likely avoiding their homework like the plague, and the last thing you want to do is argue with them to get it done. Turn their frown upside down and make homework painless with these homework tips.


Children have endless energy, which builds up throughout the day as they sit at their desks. Letting your children take a break from school work for a bit when they get home will help them burn off some of that pent up energy and get the wiggles out before getting started on homework. Take them on a bike ride or let them swim in the pool for 30 minutes. After a break, they’ll be ready to concentrate on their homework. If they have sports practice or dance lessons later, knock out that homework before with the idea that their energy will be used during practice.


The idea of playing games is much more appealing than doing homework, which makes TV, smartphones and tablets a huge distraction to kids. Doing your adult “homework”, like paying bills, writing thank you cards or reading a book while your child is doing their work will encourage your children to be just like you!


To keep curious minds from wandering, set a timer to work on homework for 30-45 minutes. After, they’re rewarded with a 15 minute break to go on their electronic device or eat a snack. For older kids, take breaks between English and math or social studies and science. The break will give them time to recoup and take a small mental break, getting their homework done faster and keeping them happier.


With several different types of learning styles, your children may each learn differently than you do, so try not to get frustrated with them! A visual learner may be capable of reading and doing their homework on their own whereas a verbal learner may learn faster if they read it out loud or you read it to them. Keeping these two types of learners in different rooms of the house ensures they don’t distract each other. Paying attention to their learning styles helps understand the best work stations to set them up with as well as how to keep them motivated and on the right track.


Siblings can get on each others nerves simply by breathing too close. Of course they love and adore each other, but when it comes to homework time, alleviating any distractions, even if it is their annoying little brother, will help. Have your children sit in different rooms and set up their own homework stations. Their station could be in their bedroom, dining room or even the kitchen island! Use caution setting up their station in their bedroom, toys are a huge distraction. If you’re cooking dinner or cleaning nearby, they are also less likely to goof off and get in trouble for not doing their homework. Make the station their own space by hanging up their artwork or an A+ on an assignment! Set up a computer station in a family room and give a schedule for each kiddo to be on the computer to complete assignments and research. This will reduce arguing over screen time.

Use these homework tips to make after school work a little easier on you and your child!