#MomHacks: Holiday Hacks Edition!

By Giggle Magazine

We all know that the hardest job you can have is being a mom! The days are definitely long and the years are astonishingly short and some days you might feel like you’re going through the struggles alone. But, we are here to share with you that in the rise of technology and “life hacks,” there are a lot of tools and gadgets out there that can make being a mom a little less stressful — even on Christmas morning!

17 Hacks for an Easy Holiday!

  1. Use the WRIST TAPE DISPENSER! Genius invention!
  2. Don’t stress about outdoor lights, hire someone to make your house sparkle!
  3. Use photos instead of gift tags! Two presents in one!
  4. Wrap each kiddo’s presents in their own paper so that sorting presents in the morning is easy!
  5. Visit Sams or Amazon and buy bulk batteries so your kids have their own stash and don’t steal from the remotes!
  6. Do a family potluck
  7. Skip the wrapping paper and boxes all together and use gift bags!
  8. Have the whole family download the Elfster App to make gift giving easy for Secret Santas
  9. Serve everything buffet style
  10. Make sure to send Santa a note to use his own special Santa Paper!
  11. Make big batches of holiday spirits to have available for everyone, instead of making individual drinks
  12. Use the freezer section at your grocery store! Frozen pies, appetizers, premade cookies. Save time for the WIN!
  13. Tie gift cards onto a mini tree for an awesome gift
  14. SHATTERPROOF ornaments
  15. Purchase a box of thank you cards and some stamps for the kid’s stockings!
  16. Egg cartons make a great storage “box” for small tree decorations
  17. Stock up on half off gift wrap and tree trimmings at the DAY AFTER Christmas sales


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