#MomHacks: Thanksgiving Hacks to Save the Day!

By Giggle Magazine
Thanksgiving Hacks

We all know that the hardest job you can have is being a mom! The days are definitely long and the years are astonishingly short and some days you might feel like you’re going through the struggles alone. But, we are here! To share in the good, the bad, and the moments when all you need is another cup of coffee and your Mom Tribe! So, with the holidays barreling towards us and Thanksgiving just 14 days away, we have some Thanksgiving hacks for you to use!

Thanksgiving Hacks

Cooking a Thanksgiving meal can be an all day event. Between the sides, turkey, pies and dressing, one could just about run themselves into a frenzy even before the turkey timer pops! This year, take some cues from our Mom Tribe and their Thanksgiving day hacks!

  1. Make big batches of CRANBERRY MARGARITAS!
  2. Skip on passing the food around the table, set it up buffet style in the kitchen and let people help themselves!
  3. “Buy pretty paper plates and napkins. Put the pretty plates over Chinet® plates for stability and loading up Turkey and dressing, save your dishwashing time for family time!” -ELAINE ATWOOD
  4. “Travel – It makes the week even more thankful, fun and relaxing for all. We’ve done it for several years now. Not sure we will ever give it up.” – MICHELLE WAGLEY
  5. Cook the turkey upside down to keep it nice and juicy.
  6. POTLUCK STYLE for the win this year!
  7. Premade mashed potatoes. Peeling 10 pounds of potatoes is for the birds!
  8. Skip the traditional turkey and make Mexican or Italian food!
  9. Have kids help with a special dessert or dish.
  10. Cook as little as possible and consume as much FOOTBALL as you can!

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