North Florida Baby Nurse Helps New Parents in Gainesville

By Shane Irving
Jean Clark Baby Nurse
Having a baby since 2020 has been different than any other time in U.S. history. That is why new parents are choosing to have the North Florida Baby Nurse who will come right to their home to care for and provide a safe and healthy transition from the hospital to home for their baby. Jean Clark RN is Nationally Certified in NICU Nursing so she is able to care for babies on Oxygen, Monitoring Equipment, Administer medications, and feedings for your baby while you get much needed rest. She will encourage, educate, and empower you with the skills you need. Instilling a confidence in parenting that will last a lifetime. Jean will do a head to toe assessment on your baby which she will document along with vital signs. At the end of each shift she will leave an activity log of all feeding amounts, diaper changes, and anything that occurs during her shift for your review. Your baby will receive personalized professional care, not multiple agency staff coming and going from your home. Jean is committed to providing the best possible service for your baby so you can rest, heal,  and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Who is the Baby Nurse and what can she do for you?

Jean is an RN who specializes in newborn care and is nationally certified in Neonatal Intensive care nursing. She has been in the hospital setting for over 40 years with over 20 of those years in the NICU and has cared for many newborns and pediatric patients in the home care setting. As an RN who is licensed in several states, Jean must adhere to strict educational requirements for training and relicensing every 2 years. Jean is current in her Neonatal Resuscitation and BLS/CPR certifications and all are available per your request. Jean’s immunizations are kept up to date and CDC guidelines are used in her daily practice. She has also done international medical missions work for the last 20 years which is a huge joy for her to do. Jean’s goal is to provide the best education and guidance for you and your family, making you the best advocate for your newborn.

Why hire a Registered Nurse?

After birth a newborn is carefully assessed by Doctors and nurses using professional skills developed by working with many newborns. During the first weeks of life a newborn goes through many changes, the biggest change happens going from inside the womb to outside this protective environment. The circulation is different as well as now the baby must be fed to survive. Mom and baby usually go home the day after a vaginal delivery. Most Moms are still exhausted from labor and delivery however, and they find themselves waking up every 2-3 hours breast feed their baby. While Jean is with your newborn during the night, she will be performing skilled nursing assessments, monitoring and documenting Vital signs, keeping track of your baby’s intake and output. You will receive a detailed written record at the end of every shift to refer to. Making communication with your baby’s Pediatrician much easier for you to address any concerns.

Specific situations that North Florida Baby nurse services are most beneficial are:

  • Premature infants transitioning from NICU to the home setting

  • First time Parents

  • Mothers recovering from C- Section

  • Newborns being discharged from any prolonged hospitalization

  • Prolonged sleep deprivation of parents due to a newborn

Services Include:

  • Newborn care to singletons or twins, and premature infants

  • Parent Education

  • Lactation support

  • Breast pump and bottle feeding instructions

  • Formula preparation

  • Maternal/Newborn bonding

  • Infant bathing

  • Feeding and sleeping patterns

  • Cardiac & Apnea Monitor care

  • NG tube feedings

  • Medication administration

  • Umbilical cord care

  • Circumcision care

  • Management of reflux

  • Night time duty from 7pm-7am

After a month of being sleep deprived new parents to a premature baby on home oxygen we reached out to Jean for nighttime help. As medical professionals we found Jean to be very well experienced and medically competent with using our daughter’s medical equipment. She was wonderful with our baby girl who got excited to see her when she walked in the door. Jean was able to give us the peace of mind we needed to get well rested sleep again. She was also able to continue the sleep training routine we had implemented for consistentcy. We found her to be very professional, punctual, and trustworthy. She is the only person besides close family we have let care for our daughter. I would highly recommend Jean to any sleep deprived parents!


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