Our 6 Favorite Mommy Bloggers

By Giggle Magazine

By Mercedes Leguizamon

The best mommy blogs to read are the ones that help give you a new perspective on the same issues that everyone talks about. These mommy bloggers have been named one of the best at what they do. If you are looking for a good read, check out one of these unique blogs!

The Autism Café

Eileen blogs about her two sons, one of which has severe classic nonverbal autism. She offers a new and different perspective because she has Asperger’s syndrome.

Stories of Our Boys

In Stories of Our Boys, April talks about the craziness of raising four boys. The plot twist? They are a military family and move all over the United States!

Organic Parenthood

Tiffany blogs about her green, eco-friendly and natural life. She raises her children to understand ingredients, labels and waste. As a homeschooling family, she raises her children to also understand the value of a dollar.

Moola Mom

Written for parents looking to maximize their means, Moola Mom uses her expertise to share how she resourcefully balances time, quality and money. She shares secrets on how to make the best of your money, and how to study, save and share it.

Free-Range Kids

Lenore writes about how to raise self-reliant children “without going nuts with worry.” She believes that kids are safer than most think, and more competent too! She started her blog after she was criticized for letting her 9-year-old son take the subway by himself in New York City.

The Champagne Supernova

Jennifer’s blog is written from a mother’s perspective, but does not focus on just mom issues. She tackles subjects ranging from how to prevent hangovers to how to raise successful children. She checks out cool business around her city and writes about how you can save money. Oh, and she’s a Florida mom as well!