Paint The Perfect Party For Your Little Picasso!

By Giggle Magazine

It’s party time and this year, what better way to celebrate your little Picasso than with a magical get-together inspired by the arts! We used bright and fun paint colors and tied in art elements for a party fit for any budding artist!

Paint Party Essentials

1. Pantone punch

2. Festive backdrop

3. Birthday banner

4. Colorful cupcakes

5. Rainbow fruit

6. Color-pops

7. Picasso Pallets

8. Salty snacks

9. Table setting

10. Party Favors

Not enough stands for all of the food?

Use paint cans in various sizes and tape white paper around them to cover the actual labels. Decorate with paint drips in the color palette of your theme.

Table Setting

Party Cups


1. Dip the bottoms of white paper cups in waterproof craft paint, flip them over so the paint drips down, and flip back over before it gets near the lip of the cups.

2. Set aside to dry completely before using. For safety, do not decorate the lip of the cups.


Party Favors

Stick it, Paint it, Peel it!


• Mini canvases

• Mini easels
• Craft paint
• Brushes
• Stickers

Directions:1. Use letter stickers to spell out each child’s name on their canvas.

2. Have the kiddos place any stickers on their canvas that they want.

3. Have them paint their canvas using one or multiple colors.

4. Let dry and slowly peel the stickers off.


Party Favor Pails

“Thank you for making my party so bright!”

Use little paint pails and fill with raffia filler and party favor items like mini paints, brushes, craft stars and treats!

We found these paint themed pails at Hobby Lobby!