#ParentHacks: Best Summer Vacation Spots for the Kids

By Giggle Magazine
Little girl sitting in the sand at the beach

We all know that the hardest job you can have is being a parent! The days are definitely long and the years are astonishingly short. Some days you might feel like you’re going through the struggles alone. But, we are here to share some tips and tricks – summer vacation edition – from local parents that can make being a mom or dad a little less stressful!

Best Summer Vacation Spots for the Kids

Planning a summer vacation when you have kiddos takes great skill. Picking somewhere that will bring joy to all, encourages them to get along and have fun, mitigates meltdowns and makes them put down the phones is not as easy as it sounds. Our Giggle parents share their favorite family summer vacation hot spots that were a success! Try one this summer and let us know how it was!

We loved our trip to Arizona! We stayed in Flagstaff and enjoyed the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Sliding Rock and Scottsdale. Lots of great hiking and beautiful scenery. We even spent a day in Winslow so we could sing “Take it Easy.”

Costa Rica, Lisbon or Hawaii

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We did day trips to Yellowstone & Grand Teton national park. Our guide recommended going as early as possible in the summer to see the wildlife before they migrate North.

St. Thomas, Costa Rica and cruising to the Bahamas!

Our out West adventures to Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole and Mount Rushmore!

Bar Harbor!!

My kids have had the best memories of their annual trips to Marco Island — same place I went to since I was 11! They are beach and pool babies all week, and they’ve made lifelong friends with other kids that go. It’s a second home to them!

National Parks for the win!

Last summer we traveled around New England. This summer we are in Moab and loving it so far. Our goal is to get to all of the “Mighty Five” national parks here in Utah. We also have plans for Arizona and Colorado!

Disney cruise when they
were little and the Abacos, Bahamas or skiing in Colorado when they were older!

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